How to Search For Ringtones

One of my favorite things in the Android operating system is the number of available customization options. One of the things which I love to change the sound my phone makes. With the Android phone having so many ringtone apps available, there is no reason why you should have an default ringtone.

To search your ringtone go to this site from your 1,000 music files was to make you convert your melody. When you put the Ringtone in Ringtones folder of your internal storage it makes the tone is visible in blue on the tab music. Find ringtones here

When you add the ringtone under the folder as the ringtones, you created on the SD card it makes the tone is visible in black under the music tab. Rooted: for me, it wasn’t the ability to search my ringtones and other things under the General tab, music. Instead, I wanted them to be seen in the right place, as it should be. How do you know you need to be rooted to put ringtones in ringtones folder. Insert ringtones into the system. The system does not recognize it? Song played in my Explorer, but they are not played when I had to choose them under the tab ringtone when select a specific ringtone for a phone. They just gave the wrong tone. The problem is easy to fix, just change the permissions

You can select them all together and replace them. After that, they will be visible and playable on the tab ringtones . This solves the problem for root users, when they encounter some problems to import the ringtones in the system.